Languages : English
Content Rating : Rated 4+
Size : 56MB

ZigZag is a simple swipe game that is designed to test your ability to react and respond in a quick and effective manner. The game is pretty simple – you control the motion of a tiny ball that moves in two directions, left or right.

Doesn’t seem like too much of a task until you actually begin and realise that your reflexes aren’t as good as you thought it would be! The controls are simple, and all you have to do is keep the ball on the path without rolling off the end, and collect gems as you make your way down a zigzagging path.

The path is made of blocks arranged in the aforementioned zigzag pattern, and as you cross each block, it crumbles and falls off into the eternal abyss.

The game is an infinity movement game that basically ends when you fall off. Keep the ball on the path and you can play forever, or till you get bored and end the game. Trouble is this game seems to be related to Flappy Bird in being frustratingly difficult, and by extension – Annoying.

There is only one thing that I can safely say about ZIgZag, and it is this – you’ll either love it, or want to smash your phone against a brick wall. I’m pretty close to the second right now because this has to be one of the most difficult games that I have played.

No complicated story line, no colourful and confusing art work, none of that do-lally-dazzle-your-eyes-out nonsense. This game is simple and addictive, and this is where it seems to gain its power. I’ve been on it like a zombie for a good few hours, and I’ve managed to collect about 6 stars! The app is free to download and is available for devices running iOS7 and up, and Android 2.3 and up.